By Ian Goldstein
Updated August 14, 2015 at 11:50 AM EDT
Credit: NBC

On The Tonight Show Thursday night, The Roots were asked to create some impromptu songs on the recurring segment “Freestylin’ with The Roots.” Jimmy Fallon picked random audience members to fill in the details for songs with topics including summer, campaigning, and starring in an action movie.

The Roots’ first freestyle was simple enough: a song about summer set to a Miami-style rhythm.

But Fallon asked the next audience member, Vinny, to think of a campaign slogan if he were running for president.

“Just do it,” Vinny told Fallon.

“You might get sued,” Fallon replied, given Nike has that particular slogan on lock.

The stolen slogans did not end for the night as the last audience member participant, Sean, was asked to come up with a catchphrase for his own action movie.

“I’m lovin’ it,” Sean told Fallon.

Fallon asked: “Are you friends with Vinny?”

Watch the clip below to see the Roots rhyme frozen with posin’ in a Michael Jackson-themed tune and acknowledge the stolen McDonalds slogan in their action movie-based doo-wop song.

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