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How did Michael Palin decide to mark the announcement that Monty Python and the Holy Grail: 40th Anniversary Edition will be released on Blu-ray, Oct. 27? Why, by catapulting a sheep over a castle, of course. Okay, so Palin doesn’t catapult a real sheep over a real castle in a new video to promote the Blu-ray. That would be both cruel and impecuniously off-message, given the Python team‘s Medieval-set movie features people clacking coconut shells together to create the—hilariously unconvincing—illusion that characters are riding horses.

Regardless! In the clip, Palin certainly seems to enjoy himself messing around with the rubber farm animals and castle packaging which, EW can reveal, comes with the limited edition gift set version of the movie. Purchasers of said gift set will also become the proud owners of introductory letters from the movie’s co-directors, Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam. Meanwhile, both the gift set and the standard version of the Blu-ray features a raft of bonus features, including a new, John Oliver-hosted Q&A with the five surviving Python members recorded at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival; a “scintillating” commentary by Gilliam and Jones; an “even more revealing” commentary by John Cleese, Eric Idle, and Palin; outtakes and extended scenes with introduction by Jones; lost animations with introduction by Gilliam; and “How To Use Your Coconuts (An Educational Film).”

You can exclusively see the video of Palin horsing—and sheeping—around with the gift set, above.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail
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