By Ian Goldstein
August 14, 2015 at 01:07 PM EDT
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

SNL alums Kristin Wiig and Fred Armisen are well-versed in improvising together, playing characters who act as though they are prepared, but are actually just making up their lines on the spot. (Garth and Kat 4eva.) Happily, the two teamed up again on Thursday’s Late Night with Seth Meyers for some more fun.

Wiig revealed to Meyers that she does a lot of voiceover work, dubbing American Shows, including Late Night, for other countries — but not in the way one might expect.

“The show’s already in English,” Meyers said. “Why would you dub it into English? And also why would you change the words?”

“It’s a different sensibility … It’s a different sense of humor. Fred knows what I’m talking about,” Wiig said.

Armisen then joined in to help Wiig show an unaware Seth Meyers how they dub shows together.

Watch the clip below to see Wiig and Armisen dub Helen Mirren and do Australian accents for Shaquille O’Neal and Meyers.

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