Credit: Kevin Bacon/Instagram

Kevin Bacon has been diving into his past recently. A few nights ago on The Late Late Show, Bacon was asked to identify a former costar from 20 years ago. Thursday night on Conan, Bacon told the humiliating story behind one of his classic throwback photos from high school.

Bacon gave context to this Instagram photo and caption he posted online 42 weeks ago. The picture, taken when the star was in the 9th grade, included brief mention of Bacon being beaten up with his own shoes the day before.

“I went though this parking lot thinking it was a shortcut to my house,” Bacon told O’Brien on Thursday. “They caught me in the parking lot and I gave them my money … and then they had this idea that I might have stuffed some money in my shoes. So they asked me to take off my shoes. All of a sudden, bam! I get smacked right across the back of the head. I thought to my self, ‘Well, nobody’s got sticks, which is what we used to look for …'”

Conan then interrupted Bacon, realizing how harmless sticks are compared to what could be used today. “Such an innocent time. No one’s got sticks. I’m in the clear,” Conan joked.

Bacon finished his story saying how he realized the mugger was beating Bacon with his own shoes.

“There is nothing more humiliating then being beaten with your own shoes except maybe someone’s girlfriend being nauseous when she sees you. Those two thing are right up there,” Bacon said.


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