By Shirley Li
Updated August 14, 2015 at 02:17 AM EDT

Just two episodes ago, the conscious synths of AMC’s Humans finally reunited. And now, heading into the finale, they’re still together — but they’ve been captured by Dr. Hobb (Danny Webb), whose intentions remain murky. For one thing, he seems to want the synths to link their minds together and unlock their creator’s mysterious code. For another, he doesn’t seem to want any more of them around.

Either way, it’s more important for viewers to pay attention to the larger issues the series tackles, says Gemma Chan, who plays Mia, the conscious synth formerly known as Anita when she had been serving the Hawkins family.

“As a viewer, I’ve become attached to the other characters and invested in how much I care about them,” Chan tells EW. “The show asks big questions about humans and I think that’s the essential thing it explores… I’ve had so many conversations with people after certain episodes over, ‘What would you do in that situation?’ and ‘Would you behave inthe same way as that character?’ It’s great that they’re asked.”

In this exclusive clip from the finale, the synths have been placed in a room where they debate whether they should sync their minds. Some are all in; some are not. (Poor Max, played by Ivanno Jeremiah, remains unresponsive.) Whatever they decide, viewers will find out this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.