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The Big Brother double eviction is a treat for viewers who get to see an entire week’s worth of activities in a single hour. But it’s not so sweet for the victim. Jackie Ibarra found that out the hard way when the 27-year-old professional dancer had to two-step it out of the house after being nominated for eviction by new Head of Household Steve and then booted by her fellow houseguests. We were able to email some questions over to Jackie to answer on her way to the jury house.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why were you nominated and why did they choose to evict you instead of Meg?

JACKIE IBARRA: After Steve nominated me, he pulled me aside to tell me the reason was when I was last HOH, he had gotten word that I was trying to backdoor him and my plans were always to backdoor Austin — which was a house decision — and Steve was never the target. Steve’s name had been mentioned as an alternative, but that was never my main goal.

What happened in those few quick moments of scrambling before the voting started?

I tried to get as many answers as I could from Steve and why I was his target. I thought Steve and I were good friends and he started to open up to me, game-wise. Just the night before I had a conversation with Steve letting him know who my target was and I was actually rooting for Steve, which is ironic. I thought it was time for him to win an HOH and he made it seem like I wasn’t someone he was targeting.

Why did you ultimately decide to keep Vanessa in the house instead of Shelli?

It was an extremely hard decision whom to vote out. I truly at the end of the day wanted Vanessa to leave, but the majority of my allies thought Shelli would be the better option for the long run in the game. I stuck to my gut and believed this was the right decision, but my target in the house was Vanessa as well as for many other houseguests, which is why I thought she would be an easier target to get out after.

What was your biggest mistake in this game?

Trusting too many people with my information to my game plans.

Which was harder: Amazing Race or Big Brother?

Big Brother 100%.

If you could do Amazing Race again by partnering with one of the Big Brother houseguests (not including Jeff), whom would it be?

James. He mentioned he wanted to do it with me.

Why do you deserve to go back into the house? Give me your best pitch.

I deserve to go back into the house because I feel I still have a lot of game to play and I feel I was in good graces with many houseguests and didn’t feel like I was a target. I still have questions as to why Steve targeted me and I hope he wasn’t planted a seed where he was doing someone else’s dirty work.

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