Credit: AT&T

The third season of YouTube reality series @Summerbreak is coming to an end, and its teenage cast is using their platform to spread an important message as part of AT&T’s It Can Wait campaign.

@Summerbreak has a passionate and loyal fanbase,” says Billy Parks, series creator and Senior Vice President at Fullscreen, Inc. “We wanted to take that acute attention dedicated to our show and focus it on an issue that is so important to young people today: that no text, post, selfie, glance, etc. is worth a life.”

@Summerbreak follows 11 Los Angeles teenagers as they take road trips and flirt shamelessly on summer vacation. The series exists across various social media networks, and new episodes are posted to YouTube three times a week throughout the season. Unlike most reality series, it’s not pre-taped and edited into a manipulated, season-long narrative before airing — the episodes go live and audiences engage with the show as it’s happening.

“We are taking a new approach to content, making it community-driven and truly and authentically real-time,” Parks says. “With all of our social extensions, we create a totally immersive experience for teens to follow along with, and participate in, our summer story.”

One of the teenagers on the show, Sofia, says her favorite part of the entire experience has been “engaging with the fans who watch the show. It’s cool to see that people love the show. It’s crazy how you can be noticed over night!”

“I love the power of social media,” cast member Noah says. “Honestly it was surreal,” his castmate Ava L. agrees, recalling how she gained a significant following so quickly once the show began. “There is nothing quite like it.”

Cast member Shea adds, “Honestly I die every time someone notices me in real life.”

One of the two @Summerbreak It Can Wait PSAs, featuring some of the girls in the cast, begins with them singing and dancing along to music in the car. “We’re piquing interest by tapping into the popular Car-aoke YouTube trend,” Parks explains. “By using a form of distracted driving with cultural resonance, we hope to encourage sharing amongst this age group and our fans.”