Meet the women of Spectre.

In a video blog post that went live at early Thursday morning, we are introduced to Léa Seydoux and Monica Bellucci — the lustrously European femme fatales who appear in the 24th James Bond installment, due in theaters Nov. 6.

Starring opposite Daniel Craig, 50-year-old Italian screen icon Bellucci (The Matrix Reloaded) is the oldest actress to portray a so-called Bond girl in the 53-year-old film franchise. She describes her character, Lucia Sciarra, as a “widow with secrets,” explaining, “Her Mafioso husband is killed. And she risks the same thing happening to her.” At a funeral, Lucia looks glam yet baleful in black mourning dress and netted veil (while making time for a private rendezvous with Bond).

“In Spectre, both the women he hooks up with have great mystery. They both have depths,” director Sam Mendes says in the clip. “And I just thought, Monica Bellucci: It makes sense for the story. It makes sense for the ages of the characters we’re dealing with. And she’s an incredibly seductive presence in life and in the movie.”

Seydoux, the French star of the Cannes sensation Blue Is the Warmest Color (and seen in supporting roles in such films as Midnight in Paris and Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol) tips off her part: “She’s a doctor. She’s intelligent and very sensitive and human character.”

“Madeleine, the character Léa Seydoux is playing, needed to be soulful, feisty and complicated,” says Mendes. “And I think it’s a pivotal relationship. So it probably couldn’t have been a total newcomer. We needed someone with a certain amount of life experience, maturity. And she’s the sort of whole package, really.”

The new vlog clip arrives with a new official synopsis for Spectre:

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