Credit: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Jimmy Fallon took some fan requests Wednesday night from the “Audience Suggestion Box.” The recurring Tonight Show segment has Fallon act out whatever audience members ask. On Wednesday, the suggestions ranged from Donald Trump impressions to speaking with a turtle.

But when one audience member asked to be “close up serenaded” by Reba McEntire, Fallon delivered, bringing out the country singer to help him harmonize and caress the fan.

The serenade began with Fallon and McEntire singing their brand new song “Just Wanna Spend This Moment,” a track that sounds like any late ’80s, early ’90s love ballad. As McEntire and Fallon got closer, the serenade intensified with McEntire playing with hair and Fallon’s finger (not the injured one) resting and pressing on the fan’s eyelid.

Also part of this week’s “Audience Suggestion Box,” Tariq from The Roots rapping about the GOP candidates.

And here’s that bit with the turtle.

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