Credit: Elena Seibert

Sometimes you finish a particularly touching or truthful book, and can’t help but wish the author could guide you through life with their advice.

For fans of Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami, this dream has become a reality. The author decided to pen an advice column, responding to a whopping 3,716 letters out of the 37,465 he received, The Guardian reports. Shinchosa, Murakami’s Japanese publisher, has compiled 473 of these letters into a print book, and the whole project will comprise a special digital version, which is “equivalent to eight volumes,” the publisher says. Reportedly, Murakami himself specifically requested this digital edition.

In the letters, Murakami reportedly responds to questions about burping, his chances of winning the Nobel prize for literature and if he would want to be a cat (no).

Unfortunately for English-speakers, The Guardian reports that there are currently “no plans at the moment” to publish the volumes in English. The digital book currently sits at 13th place on the Kindle charts for

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