Things get a little weird when the dance superstar interviews his collaborators (and friends).

When dance music superstar Dillon Francis revealed he was releasing This Mixtape Is Fire, with a guest guest roster including Calvin Harris, Bro Safari, Skrillex, Kygo, James Hersey, Chromeo, and Party Favor, and when the mixtape turned out to be musical fire, currently sitting on top of the iTunes dance music charts—we thought we might as well hand over the recorder and let Dillon ask his collaborators whatever he wanted. Below, Dillon and his buddies tell stories from the studio, the road, and what everyone (not just Calvin Harris!) loves about Taylor Swift.

Dillon Francis: Why did you want to work with me?

Kygo: I liked your style of music and thought it would be very interesting to see what a collaboration could bring! I was also laughing hard at all your Instagram stuff.

Dave Macklovitch (Chromeo): It’s the rule of the two F’s: I’ve got to be a fan and I’ve got to be a friend. We only work with people we have a cool personal relationship with. And thank God the video of us playing spoons together didn’t go too viral. People would really have some questions about our friendship. The coolest thing about the music industry is that it’s super collaborative and based on relationships and mutual respect. I’m a big fan of what you do musically, but also culturally. I think your presence in the electronic community is a really important—from the aesthetics to your sense of humor. Even the decision of taking something like moombahton into something that hundreds of thousands of kids still enjoy to this day…it’s cool. By the way, I can write your bio if you want to.

Francis: I’m sending you a Venmo right now, I do want you to write my bio.

Nicholas Weiller (Bro Safari): Because you’re famous and I’m not, and I want to be. Aside from that, I guess that I kind of dig your music, sometimes.

James Hersey: You posted this kickass video of you dancing along to this hook that was my voice and I was like, “This is unreal, this can’t be happening.” But it was true. I was just super psyched that you liked the track and made some magic out of it.

Dylan Ragland (Party Favor): Well, I had no choice [laughs].

Francis: Do you want to elaborate?

Ragland: I don’t want to, like, toot your horn and give you too many compliments.

Ragland: That’s perfect [laughs].

Francis: Donuts or broccoli?

Hersey: Oh Jesus. So I have to answer donuts but I f–king love broccoli because its this amazing, fantastic thing that looks like it came from Lord of the Rings. Actually, I’m going with broccoli.

Ragland: I’m going to go with donuts. I want to spread donut awareness, of course.

Francis: Will you use this pick up line ever? “Girl, you look like a mixtape cuz you on fire!”

Hersey: Ummmm, yes [laughs] I don’t have a better line.

Weiller: Absolutely not, and I pray that no one on this planet ever utters that sentence again.

Francis: Last but not least….If John has five mixtapes and plays two of them, calculate the sun’s mass.

Ragland: Ummmm, this mixtape is fire?

Francis: You got it! The sun’s mass is this mixtape is fire.

Reporting by Madison Vain.