Plus, the 'Black-ish' actor shares the secret behind starring in two shows at once: 'I don't sleep'

By Nia Howe-Smith
Updated August 13, 2015 at 06:52 PM EDT
Food Network

Anthony Anderson has been pretty busy these days, but he’s still hungry for more.

The Emmy-nominated actor’s new show Carnival Cravings, which premiered on the Food Network on Wednesday, takes him to fairs around the country where he is subjected to kooky carny games and food that’s enough to land you in the ER. But why carnivals?

“Carnival foods took us to the heart of America,” Anderson tells EW. “It’s a place where the entire family can go and have fun and eat.”

And speaking of eating, the Black-ish actor’s new gig is definitely more of a labor of love. “The best was a white chocolate baguette with Nutella spread, macerated strawberries and chopped hazelnuts, and the most unhealthy thing I ate was a Twix bar stuffed inside a Twinkie, wrapped in bacon, deep-fried in funnel cake batter, topped with a confection sugar sauce and crushed Oreos.”

And while that sounds delicious, you may be wondering how Anderson, who was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 13 years ago and lost 47 pounds last year, stays in shape.

“I found myself in the gym doing cardio for one hour, twice a day. Sometimes at 3 a.m,” he says.

Maybe the work isn’t all fun and games, but some of it is: “I sumo-wrestled in a full sumo inflatable suit. Drove a car in a demolition derby and competed in an ax throwing competition and took second place,” Anderson tells EW.

If you ask him how he finds the time to act in and produce Black-ish while also hopping state-to-state in search of a good time, the answer is simple: “I don’t sleep.”

Carnival Cravings airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on the Food Network, and Blackish returns to ABC Sept. 23.

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