All those fans who gather to throw spoons during midnight screenings of The Room now have another clip from the modern cult classic’s auteur, the one and only Tommy Wiseau. Wiseau directed the music video for L.A. indie outfit Corsica Arts Club’s “California I Follow,” which debuted on Noisey, and it is The Room-tastic. The band apparently met Wiseau at a screening of the film, because of course they did; where else could you find Wiseau?

The song slightly resembles Phantom Planet’s ode to California (and The O.C.), and the video reflects that aesthetic. Set in a sunny living room during a party, with window views of California greenery. Wiseau’s style is unmistakably present, and the characters’ outfits have that same dated-yet-also-impossible-to-place quality that helps make The Room so strange. As in The Room, relationships disintegrate for no discernible reason, and naturally, the director himself shows up. This time, he sports blonde hair and John Lennon glasses, but he quotes his character from The Room (“love is blind”), so there’s no mistaking him.