Pro: Hanging out with your friends. Con: Literally.

By Ian Goldstein
Updated August 12, 2015 at 12:04 PM EDT

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On Tuesday night’s Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon reminded us that summer is not over yet with another segment of Pros and Cons — this edition weighing the best and worst of going to a nude beach.

One of the jokes Fallon seemed to have the most fun with was one mocking a certain reality show:

“Pro: Walking along the shore and seeing lots of mussels and crabs.”

“Con: Realizing you’re on the set of Bachelor in Paradise.”

Fallon then went on to impersonate the show: “I think I love you Tara,” he said in his best male suitor voice.

But for anyone going to nude beaches this summer it’s important to keep this pro and con in mind:

“Pro: Showing up and taking off all your clothes.”

“Con: Being told the nude beach is two miles away.”

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