Credit: Funny or Die

Over the past few weeks, anti-abortion group the Center for Medical Progress has been releasing a number of videos aiming to discredit Planned Parenthood. Now, Funny or Die has released its own video revealing the “shocking truth” about the health care provider.

The satirical video stars comedians Megan Amram, Alice Wetterlund, Amos Vernon, Fran Gillespie, Nicole Byer and Verónica Osorio, all talking about thoroughly pleasant and helpful experiences with Planned Parenthood as if traumatized by them, while haunting music plays in the background.

“I was pregnant when I first went to Planned Parenthood,” Wetterlund recalls in the black-and-white clip. “They led me down a narrow hallway into a little room filled with medical instruments, and they gave me great advice for prenatal care.”

“Planned Parenthood is relentless,” Amram says, visibly shaken, “in screening for breast and cervical cancer.” Another claims she was “overwhelmed” by being granted the ability to make her own choices without consulting her congressman.

Watch the full video to hear the “shocking truth” about Planned Parenthood below.