Credit: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Joel Zimmerman, better known as mouse-headed DJ Deadmau5 wasn’t afraid to slam Jack U, Skrillex, and Justin Bieber’s mega-hit, “Where Are Ü Now,” back in June, and now he’s taking aim at Skrillex, who spoke about him in an interview with New York’s 92.3 Amp Radio.

“I’ll always have love for Joel because he put me on at an early time, but he’s an asshole,” Skrillex said, when asked about Zimmerman’s comments. “And everyone knows that, and he knows that. And that’s kinda his thing.”

Skrillex continued, “I don’t take it personally because I’m secure with myself and what I do. I love what I do but I almost feel bad that that’s his one way of getting attention rather than going into music and curating. I think his attitude’s changed over the last couple years. I personally have become less connected to his music because his personality is almost overshadowing that, when he is such an incredible artist.”

Zimmerman then responded in a series of tweets. “At the end of the fucking day, if I’m ‘miserable / moody / negative’ then thats just me dealing with or not dealing internal shit,” he wrote. “I’m aware that I can be a fucking diva. Yes I am aware than I have more than one complex.” See his full comments: