By Dalton Ross
August 11, 2015 at 05:13 PM EDT
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“Winter is coming!” You hear that mantra constantly on Game of Thrones. But what about on that other super-popular cable hit, The Walking Dead?

We have yet to see the season of winter rear its blustery, snowy head on the AMC zombie hit. For a while that could be explained when the show took place down south in Georgia, but last season Rick Grimes and Co. made their way up north to Alexandria, VA — just outside Washington, D.C. As someone who grew up in our nation’s capital, I assure you, it gets cold. And it can snow — a lot.

We see this climate change reflected in the original Walking Dead comic — with the occasional snowfall taking place — but putting winter on film for the show proves far trickier. For one thing, while the series is now set in Northern Virginia, it still films in Georgia. For another, the show’s filming schedule of spring through fall pretty much guarantees there will never be even a speck of natural snow on the ground. And while it can get very cold in the early mornings and evenings on set near the end of filming on a season in November, even then the daytime tends to be quite mild. Certainly not frigid.

This might not be a problem if the characters didn’t plan to stay in Alexandria for long, but in the comics many of the main characters are still residing there — that’s about 70 issues and counting. So if the show follows form and makes Alexandria a permanent location, then what do producers plan to do about winter and the snow that comes with it? We asked showrunner Scott M. Gimple that very question and here’s what he told us:

“It’s a hard one and one that we struggle with,” says Gimple about the possibility of snowfall on the show. “In the comics, the seasons have been represented — not all the time, but there’s been some really notable moments in the snow and even in autumn really. That’s a challenge for us, we’re thinking about it and figuring it out. Nothing could be further from winter than our shooting schedule. That’s a challenge, and there are certain things we balance. Just being able to make the show is a challenge. These are all little feature films every week, and we push it to the limit. We don’t want to use white cornflakes [to double as snow] if we don’t have to. It’s a challenge, and we’re gonna see what we can do. It’s something we struggle with.”

So there you have it. They recognize the awkwardness of there potentially not being a winter on the show, but also recognize the potentially even more awkward situation of having a really fake looking winter setting instead. So what’s their solution? We’ll just have to keep watching to find out.

For more ‘Walking Dead’ intel, follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss. And watch the video below to see which cast member would die first in a real zombie apocalypse.

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