By Anthony Breznican
August 11, 2015 at 07:57 PM EDT

It’s okay, R2. The new trailer will be here soon. Soon.

But if you’re waiting for a new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer at Disney’s D23 fan convention this weekend … sorry, you are going to have to keep waiting.

The movie, which opens Dec. 18, will be part of Saturday’s presentation of live-action films, but it will not feature new clips, Entertainment Weekly has learned from a reliable source. In July, we told you that the Lucasfilm Comic-Con panel also wouldn’t have a trailer, and it didn’t, but it featured a behind-the-scenes video that was almost as tantalizing.

This time, whatever revelations may be in store at the Anaheim fan gathering will not involve seeing sections of the movie. For doubters, I may as well reveal that “reliable source”…

“It is true, we are showing no footage, behind the scenes or otherwise,” director J.J. Abrams tells EW. “In the fall, there’ll be a trailer.”

He knows fans are eager for another look at the film and promises to bring something compelling to the Disney conventioneers. “We’re thrilled to go to D23 and meet the fans, but it’s a tricky thing to try and rush [footage] for a convention or preexisting event that would, of course, be fun to show something at,” he said. 

While we had Abrams, we asked for a status update on the movie. “I’m still editing and we’re working on refining the cut, but it’s incredibly fun to see the movie come together,” Abrams said. “You realize certain things that you don’t need, certain things you can pull out.”

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