By Isabella Biedenharn
August 11, 2015 at 03:17 PM EDT
Ernest Cline
Credit: Dan Winters

Ernest Cline, author of sci-fi mega-hit Ready Player One and this summer’s follow-up, Armada, has signed a seven-figure deal for his third book with Crown Publishing, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

THR says the deal is “in the low-to-mid seven figures,” and reports that the plot and title of this book are “being kept top secret,” though sources say Cline will still work in the sci-fi genre.

The film version of Ready Player One, which follows a gamer in the year 2044 as he embarks on a virtual life-or-death treasure hunt, is slated for a theatrical release on Dec. 15, 2017. Steven Spielberg is attached to direct, and the film will be release through Warner Bros.

Armada has a similar video game-centric plot, in which an alien invasion occurs, feeling suspiciously like a familiar video game, and gamers are the only people capable of fighting off the intruders. Universal Pictures already purchased the film rights to Armada. As THR reports, film rights to this still-mysterious third book have not yet been sold.

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