Credit: CBS

The third season of Under the Dome will conclude with a huge change.

CBS entertainment chairman Nina Tassler told reporters at the Television Critics Association’s press tour on Monday that — spoiler alert — the dome is coming down.

“The Dome is coming down at the end of this season,” Tassler confirmed.

So Chester’s Mill residents will be free, it seems. But the question is: Does this mean the show will end?

Under the Dome was originally conceived as a single-season limited series, but producers have figured out ways to stretch the story across three seasons now. CBS has not made a decision about whether Dome will get a fourth season. We’re told the finale has some major events beyond the Dome coming down. Also, we’re told producers have written the finale to serve as a potential series finale or a season finale — there is at least one element that opens up a new path how the story could continue.

“[The dome coming down] opens up a host of other storytelling opportunities, you just don’t know what will happen when the dome comes down,” Tassler said.

Also still under renewal consideration: The ratings-challenged Extant, which saw its viewership drop sharply during this summer’s second season. CBS will make a decision on both shows after their respective finales.