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John Oliver is worried about how thorough your sex education was in high school, so he asked a few Last Week Tonight friends to help teach audiences.

Oliver enlisted Laverne Cox, Kumail Nanjiani, Kristen Schaal, married couple Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally and many more to deliver a sex ed video that makes sure not to be ambiguous or misleading about how sex actually works in today’s society.

The host spent the main segment of this week’s episode taking a look at America’s sex ed policies — or lack thereof, as he discovers — and just how sex ed videos, speakers, and teachers have created a lack of understanding when it comes to sex, consent, and more. Whether Oliver’s sex ed video is screened in classrooms anytime soon, he hopes anyone seeing it will actually learn a thing or two, for everyone’s sake. Though you may end up learning even more than you would have wanted about the celebrities’ sex lives as a result.

Watch the video above to see Cox, Offerman, Aisha Tyler, and even Jonathan Banks — who hopes to make up for the mistakes from his past life as a sex ed video actor — talk about sex, baby.

Credit: HBO
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