By Ian Goldstein
August 08, 2015 at 02:14 PM EDT
Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

On Friday night, True Detective star Taylor Kitsch faced Jimmy Fallon in a game of Beer Hockey on The Tonight Show. This was one of the more straightforward games Fallon has played on the show; it combined beer pong and air hockey. Cups are placed under holes in the table and if the puck lands in the opponents cup, he drinks.

Fallon started the game confident, taunting Kitsch and calling his first shot “embarrassing.” But Kitsch, about a second later, scored on Fallon, telling him it was “early, early, early karma.” It only got worse for Fallon, as he couldn’t score once on Kitsch during the bit.

In addition to Beer Hockey, Kitsch was also interviewed by Fallon, and he discussed how he scored a role on True Detective — and left his friend in the car for over an hour while talking to creator Nic Pizzolatto. They had fun.

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