Credit: Murray Close/Netflix

Good news, Sensies! Netflix has renewed Sense8 for a second season, and the show’s cast helped share the news.

The streaming service made the announcement Saturday through a special video message posted to Twitter and Facebook. “Birthdays are just the beginning,” read the caption, as actors Aml Ameen, Jamie Clayton, Doona Bae, and more sang renditions of “Happy Birthday.” “We are coming back,” Bae said. “Yay! Season 2! See you on Netflix.”

The Sense8 season 2 announcement comes a month after the series hosted a panel at this year’s Television Critics Association. At that time, executive producer J. Michael Straczynski said he was “still awaiting word” on a renewal, adding, “We’re cautiously optimistic, but, ultimately, it’s Netflix’s call.”

Developed by Andy and Lana Wachowski (The Matrix, Jupiter Ascending), Sense8 follows eight individuals from all around the world who discover they are mentally linked to each other. They must find a way to survive those who believe them to be a global threat. Netflix continues to demonstrate dedication to developing and furthering its original content, including Daredevil, House of Cards, and Orange Is the New Black. Though more Sense8 wasn’t guaranteed, it seemed unlikely they’d give up this property so easily. Now fans can rejoice with this official confirmation.

Watch the Sense8 season 2 video announcement below.

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