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Do you know if Calzona’s new love interests on Grey’s Anatomy are men or women? — Arielle

I had that same thought and took the question directly to Shonda Rhimes. “Arizona obviously does not date men, and Callie’s love interest so far this season is a woman,” she says. “I like that we’re honoring the fact that her character is bisexual. I feel like her energy right now feels like that’s what she’s looking for.”

Is there anything you can tease about what happened to Barry on The Flash? — Jeremy

Well, it sounds like that singularity leads to a pretty familiar place. In speaking about the great care they took with making their version of time travel both easy to digest and complex enough to be exciting for the diehard fans in season 1, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says, “We’re trying to do the same thing this year with Earth 2 and the concept of the multiverse and the concept of dopplegangers. We’ve been having a lot of fun with that and getting glimpses of Earth 2 probably sooner than people would’ve thought.”

Any Castle scoop? — Crystal

Just to reassure fans, Hayley Shipton (Toks Olagundoye) will not come between Castle and Beckett. “For us, her character was never meant to be competition,” co-showrunner Alexi Hawley tells EW. “She’s a strong, powerful, beautiful, independent woman and she adds a flavor of that into the show, but is not — in any way shape or form — competition for Beckett.” However, “She has a very different perspective on how she attacks cases different from Beckett, which is going to create some fun tension,” adds fellow co-showrunner Terence Paul Winter. Also, did you see this?

Why the heck is Booth missing when Bones returns? — Raina

Raise your hand if you’re freaking out. Same. Here’s what I know: The premiere picks up six months after Booth and Brennan bid farewell to the Jeffersonian. “It’s a very personal reason,” new showrunner Michael Peterson tells me of Booth’s disappearance. “It’s a family reason. He gets involved in something that’s very close to home and is probably the only thing that would pull him away from the tranquil life that he was leading up until that moment.”

Do you have any scoop on the upcoming season of American Horror Story? — Tanya

We already know that Darren Criss will be checking into Hotel for the big Halloween outing, playing a hipster who shows up with his girlfriend. And this character is going to be very different from Blaine Anderson. “This role for Darren, we wrote it and he was the first person we thought of because Darren has told me he wants to do edgier, darker material, so this plays into that,” executive producer Ryan Murphy teases. But the real question is whether he’ll be leaving those bow ties behind.

I love that John Noble joined Elementary. Do you know what kind of interaction he’ll have with Joan? — Leonard

I’d say strained is an appropriate way to describe their dynamic. “When Joan does meet dad, there will be some friction,” executive producer Rob Doherty says. “When Morland arrives and makes a genuine and surprising attempt to help Sherlock, Sherlock has to rethink his relationship with his dad. As the season progresses, we’re going to see that Joan is worried that dad is a little more like the guy Sherlock has described” — I do believe he’s equated him to Satan before — “versus the guy he seems to be now. She’ll be keeping a careful eye on him.” Get your first look at Noble as Morland here.

What’s going on with Rumple when Once Upon a Time returns? — Marisa

At Comic-Con, Robert Carlyle insisted upon making a very clear distinction about his character: “Rumple’s not in a coma. Gold’s in a coma,” later following up with, “Gold’s got a white heart, Rumple doesn’t. It’s a different thing.” It seemed like a passing comment at the time, but now I have a feeling it’s going to be very important in the new season.

Bill Hader as the new captain on Brooklyn Nine-Nine is genius. Any details? — Derek

Did you see the photo of him? It’s quite amazing. “Bill’s character is incredibly regimented and Jake is, as usual, struggling to acclimate to authority,” Andy Samberg tells me, noting that everyone’s bummed that Holt is gone. “It throws the balance off without a doubt.”

Anything You’re the Worst would be great. — Amy

I watched the first two episodes last night and have to say that the show returns even stronger than the superb first season. Now that Jimmy and Gretchen are living together, though, they’re struggling with what domesticity means. “We’ll see right from the very first frame Jimmy and Gretchen being very reticent to be a boring couple and in fact, in the first episode, going way, way, way out of the way to not be a boring couple at great detriment to their health and a lot of laws,” EP Stephen Falk says.

If Marcel is running the city on The Originals, is Klaus actually going to lay low for a while and just be a father? — Tom

I am not sure Klaus is capable of laying low. Just this week, Joseph Morgan filmed what he described as a “huge fight scene.” And from the description of it — lots of vamping and wire work — it sounds like it could be with another vampire. “There was definitely an emotional content to this fight,” Morgan reveals, playing coy on who’s on the receiving end of his wrath. Though, he does offer that “it’s been a long time coming.” I’m hoping his very first progeny comes a-calling!

Worst news I’ve heard all week: It’s the end of an era.

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Additional reporting by Samantha Highfill.

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AMERICAN HORROR STORY, (from left): Evan Peters, Jessica Lange, Frances Conroy, 'Home Invasion', (Se
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