The Queen of Pop reflects on her classic 1991 documentary with Andy Cohen.
Credit: Everett Collection

It’s one of the best music documentaries ever—and offered viewers an unfettered look at one of the world’s biggest celebrities. But what does the film’s subject, Madonna, think about the movie, Truth or Dare, 24 years after its release?

In the new issue of EW, guest editor Andy Cohen sat down with the singer to talk about her upcoming Rebel Heart tour, but the conversation later turned to the classic doc directed by Alek Keshishian, who trailed the singer on her Blond Ambition Tour in the early-’90s. So has the singer revisited it recently?

“I’ve seen bits and pieces from it,” she says. “I sort of gag when I watch it, cause I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I can’t.’ It’s hard to watch myself do anything. I can’t even stand to watch myself in concert, like my last tour.”

Cohen pressed Madonna about why she won’t tune in for repeat viewings of older performances. “I just don’t like to watch it,” she says. “But I think maybe Truth or Dare, I could possibly revisit it right now.”

Cohen praised Madonna’s portrayal in the movie, saying he thought her “arrogance” was “brilliant.”

“The shade was thrown!” Madonna told him. “I’m afraid to watch it. I just think I’m a horrible brat, that’s what I’m afraid of.”

Next month, Madonna returns to the stage with her Rebel Heart tour, kicking off Sept. 9 in Montreal. The singer shared early details about her setlist, which will be a mix of classic songs like “Vogue” along with newer cuts.

“Of course, the thing I’m most excited about doing is my new stuff, because I haven’t done it yet and it’s fresh,” she says. “But I realize that people want to hear my older stuff, so for me it’s always a tricky balance trying to keep some kind of continuity, not only with sound, sonically, but also thematically … a lot of times I have to take the songs and turn them inside out and make them more ironic than straightforward.”

A version of this story appeared in Entertainment Weekly issue #1376, on newsstands now.

An earlier version of this post misspelled Alek Keshisian’s name.