In EW’s latest issue, guest editor Andy Cohen interviewed his favorite pop star Madonna. Their conversation ranged from details about the Queen of Pop’s upcoming tour to her thoughts about Taylor Swift, eventually turning to the star’s love of—or, as Cohen suggested, addiction to—Instagram.

“I could live without it,” Madonna says when asked about her use of the social network. “But it’s an important part of my work now. I like to think of it as a kind of art gallery for my thoughts, my dreams, my wishes, my state of mind. Can’t ignore social media.”

In fact, beyond teasing her setlists and giving shoutouts to Taylor Swift, Madonna sometimes dives into a part of Instagram lots of people usually avoid: the comments. “Sometimes people are really supportive and nice,” she says, adding that she reads reactions to her posts “whenever [she’s] on holiday.” “But you can’t get attached to people saying nice things because then when people say mean things it will bother you. So you just have to take it all in stride, and I really don’t take any of it seriously. I can’t afford to.”

Madonna also explains exactly why she can’t give the remarks left on her pictures much weight. “The most illuminating thing about reading comments on Instagram is how literal people are, and how people have no sense of humor and no sense of irony,” she says. “[They] don’t read between the lines. It’s interesting.”

But that doesn’t mean Madonna isn’t a fan of #tbt. “I love to look back and see the great and and artists that I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with,” she tells Cohen, referring to some of her more nostalgic posts. “I worked with the greatest and the best and the finest.”