Credit: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC/Getty Images

Andy Cohen has seemingly usurped Ryan Seacrest’s title of Busiest Man in Show Business. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

In recent years, the Bravo producer’s résumé has expanded to books (2012’s Most Talkative and 2014’s The Andy Cohen Diaries—both New York Times best-sellers), a television production company, and his own SiriusXM station, Radio Andy, which is set to launch this fall on channel 102. In addition to guest editing the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, Cohen will host two shows: a celeb talk show, Deep and Shallow With Andy Cohen; and a weekly live broadcast titled Andy Cohen Live. “Watch What Happens Live is such an extension of my personality,” he tells EW. “The idea that I get to be a producer and be on TV and write and program this radio channel—it’s the bull’s-eye of where I want to be.”

Cohen now joins an exclusive list of talk show hosts who have left quite the impression on viewers. Here are his top picks for who he thinks reign supreme: