Credit: Ed Araquel/Fox

Sorry X-Files shippers, Mulder and Scully have split.

Fox showed reporters at the Television Critics Association’s press tour in Beverly Hills a new clip of the highly anticipated The X-Files revivial on Thursday. In the scene, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson’s iconic investigative characters were no longer together—and having a major blow-out fight.

In the clip, Scully describes herself as “your friend and physician” to Mulder. We checked with a source close to Fox who confirmed that, indeed, the two are no longer together.

In my post in March suggesting what Fox should do (and should not do) in the revival, we suggested splitting up the couple—it makes for better dramatic tension. But fans were hugely outraged by the idea. “You lost me at ditching the romance,” read the top-voted comment. “It never overpowered and alot of fans were happy with their relationship. It never got cheesy. So BOOO to you.” (And to be fair, some of my other suggestions were totally ignored—such as ditching the rest of the original cast aside from the two leads).

Interestingly, in the clip Mulder was trying to convince Scully that a certain un-referenced conspiracy had nothing to do with aliens, but was rather a conspiracy of men.

The X-Files returns next January.

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