August 06, 2015 at 08:21 PM EDT
We gave it a B+

If you think YA horror might be a watered-down version of the adult stuff, or might at least have a happy ending, you clearly haven’t encountered Vega. In Survive the Night, she sticks with her favorite theme: peer pressure gone wrong. High school soccer star Casey Myrtle is fresh out of rehab after the potent combination of a torn ACL and a dangerous new friend left her with a severe painkiller addiction. Shana, the wild ringleader, takes Casey and their other friends to an underground rave called “Survive the Night” in an NYC subway tunnel, where no one can leave until morning. But when one of their friends turns up dead, the others have to find a way out. In excruciatingly visceral detail, Vega unfolds a fast-paced tale that will make you reconsider public transportation. B+

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