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FACT: Rob Lowe and John Stamos are prettier than you.

The 51-year-old actors are the stars of new Fox comedies this fall — Lowe on The Grinder, Stamos on Grandfathered — so it probably wasn’t terribly surprising that during a TCA panel for The Grinder on Thursday, a reporter brought up their genetic blessings. Asked how well he and Stamos knew each other and if they ever joked about their handsomeness, Lowe deadpanned: “As a founding member of Jimmy Kimmel’s Handsome Men’s Club, Stamos has been up for membership. So far, the board hasn’t voted him yet. Sting is really lobbying hard. David Beckham is blackballed, every time he’s gotten close. But I am looking forward to when John eventually makes it in. It’s a wonderful club and we enjoy it very much, and I’m looking forward to seeing Grandfathered. I’m sure that after seeing six or seven episodes of that, John will breeze in.”

Stamos, who was waiting in the back of the room for his Grandfathered panel to begin, yelled out: “Rob, tell the truth! We’ve dated for a year!” (“Anyone can get credentialed,” mock-sighed Fred Savage, Lowe’s costar.)

Asked for more details of their interactions over the years, Lowe replied: “There’s a rumor in my lost decade, I may or may not have sat on a lifeguard tower at a Beach Boys concert as John was playing the drums. There’s talk I did it. I don’t remember it. I’ve seen footage of it, but I have very little memory. That was my John Stamos moment. He’s a hell of a drummer.”

Chimed in another Grinder co-star, Natalie Morales: “I think this is your John Stamos moment.”

And now you are caught up to speed on the Lowe-Stamos connection. Stay tuned for further developments.

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