By Ian Goldstein
August 06, 2015 at 12:39 PM EDT
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Like Denis Leary before him, Louis C.K. paid respect to Jon Stewart during his final appearance as a guest on The Daily Show. “I came on behalf of comedy — I represent all comedy — just to say, nice job,” C.K. said.

The two, old friends from working at New York’s Comedy Cellar, recalled their first meeting during a touching interview that included just the right amount of nostalgia and jokes. “You’re one of the first guys I ever saw there,” C.K. said about meeting Stewart at the New York venue. “You were so great. It was like, ‘Who’s this little Jew, he’s funny?'” (Added Stewart: “That was the title of my act: Little Funny Jew.”)

Despite feeling sad about Stewart’s imminent exit, however, C.K. said it was probably time for the comic to move away from the Daily Show desk. “I think the most reliable way to take a good thing and make it go bad is to hold onto it too long. So you have to let it go. Also, it’s really time to go,” he said.

Kidding aside, C.K. said he was “amazed” by Stewart’s run. “That you did this show for this long and you kept it this good for this long … it’s really like one of the great comedy accomplishments of all time.”

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