Vin Diesel isn’t afraid of anything anymore. Maybe you’d feel the same way if you were an 800-year-old immortal tasked with protecting muggles humanity from the looming threat of evil wizards and sorceresses.

In The Last Witch Hunter trailer, Diesel’s Kaulder is equal parts Maximus, Wolverine, and Buffy, a heroic warrior uniquely suited for battling all sorts of black magic. “He is the most hardened and deadliest soldier due to his immortality,” says Diesel. “We assume the immortality is a gift, but we learn from understanding his world that there is a certain pain that he has been harboring for so long and there’s a certain isolation that the character’s had to live with.”

Hence, the painful flashbacks to Kaulder’s wife and child (and hair and beard). Hence, his reluctant partnership with a good(?) witch played by Game of Thrones‘ Rose Leslie. Hence, his distant relationship with Michael Caine, the Church’s current link to an ancient brotherhood called the Axe and the Cross. “It’s funny that you say Axe and Cross,” says Diesel, when asked about the mysterious organization. “Because that’s the title of the sequel that they want me to do.”

Of course, The Last Witch Hunter is a potential franchise for Diesel — who also produced — and Summit Entertainment. Diesel, a passionate life-long fan of Dungeons & Dragons, was drawn to the film’s creative potential for mythology and the trailer is bursting with CG evil that one can imagine were once designed with a certain amount of hit-points in mind.

With Warner Bros. recently announcing plans for an official D&D movie, Diesel’s eyes lit up. “They sent over a script five years ago that didn’t feel like the one, but I don’t know,” he says. “If I were to be involved with something like that, I would be so adamant about how great it would have to be. … This film has so much of a fantastical element to it. Let’s first share this with the world and see what they think.”

The Last Witch Hunter opens Oct. 23.

The Last Witch Hunter
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  • 105 minutes