McHale also takes a shot at Giuliana Rancic for claiming she's taking 'the high road': 'Let us know when you get there'

By Ariana Bacle
Updated August 06, 2015 at 06:54 PM EDT
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Kelly Osbourne made a controversial statement about Latinos on The View Tuesday,and Joel McHale responded to the whole situation in an upcoming episode of The Soup.

To refresh: Osbourne said, “If you kick every Latino out of this country, who’s going to clean your toilets, Donald Trump?” When co-host Rosie Perez pointed out that Latinos aren’t the only ones cleaning toilets, Osbourne said, “I would never mean it like that.” (Osbourne later “[took] responsibility for [her] poor choice of words” in an Instagram post and wrote that she “learned a very valuable lesson.”)

“‘No, I meant it like there are some jobs upper-class who tend to be white won’t do, and that’s what Mexicans are for,'” McHale said, impersonating Osbourne. “‘I can’t believe you’d think I meant it any other way.'”

Just about five months before Osbourne’s most recent comment, she left Fashion Police after co-host Giuliana Rancic made some offensive remarks about Zendaya on the air. Osbourne first responded to that by tweeting that she does “not condone racism” and as a result was thinking of leaving the show. She later tweeted that “it takes a strong women to apologize” after Rancic publicly apologized to Zendaya — but it seems Rancic isn’t quite ready to defend Osbourne just yet.

“I’ve decided to take the high road on this one,” Rancic says in a clip of E! News featured on The Soup. “Frankly, I don’t feel the need to comment because I think Kelly’s comments on live television speak for themselves.” McHale, though, doesn’t seem too convinced that she’s actually taking the “high road”: “Let us know when you get there,” he joked.

Watch the clip above and see the full episode when it airs Friday at 10 p.m. ET on E!. Following The Soup, check out the premiere of the McHale-produced Comment Section hosted by comedian Michael Kosta.

Credit: E!

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