Scoop on 'X-Files,' 'Empire,' 'Prison Break,' '24' and more

Credit: FOX

Fox buried TV reporters under an avalanche of intriguing breaking news Thursday at the TCA press tour (some of which you may have missed if you had something to do today aside from refreshing Here’s a rundown of what we learned about The X-Files, Prison Break, X-Men, 24, and even some projects that are not reboots!

Fox is near a deal with Marvel for an X-Men live-action TV series. Questions: Will any of the actors from the films be involved? Are we getting a young Wolverine? And how will Agent Coulson feel about this?

The 24 reboot is still on track. And Fox says it will likely be a “total reset” — no familiar characters, including no Jack Bauer (dammit!).

The X-Files: A new clip was shown that revealed that Mulder and Scully are no longer romantically involved in the new show. (Sorry shippers.)

— Fox’s Empire is expanding. Fox is working on a companion series, sort of, to the mega-hit. Creator Lee Daniels also said a spin-off is definitely coming at some point, and he thinks it will revolve around a younger Cookie Lyon. Meanwhile, season 2 will guest-star Pitbull. And here’s the 7 best quotes from the panel.

Details on the Prison Break limited series. Some burning questions answered about how the show is going to depart from past mythology (and at least one character is no longer dead).

Fox producers provided explanations for the Sleepy Hollow / Bones crossover (and no, “ratings” wasn’t one of them). They also spilled some story details, too.

Scream Queens writers on the difficulty of trying to write for teens.

— Not a stand-alone post, but also discussed: Fox is still trying to figure out a second season of Wayward Pines. The first season will continue to stand as its own entirely separate story, but the network wants another outing — potentially as a limited series — exploring the same creative universe.

John Stamos confesses he tried to fire the Olsen twins. This has nothing to do with Fox, but it was on his Grandfathered panel and we found it amusing. There was also a lot of chat about Stamos and fellow Fox star Rob Lowe being handsome.

Minority Report: Why did the seer twins change from identical to fraternal? Especially when Stark Sands actually has a twin brother in real life? And more: Minority Report is changing the name of the controverisal Washington Redskins.

(Okay, so that’s more than 10—we just kept adding to it!)