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Funny man Chris Farley — the underrated comedy movie star of our time — will forever be associated with the multitude of hilarious characters he played during his SNL days and in loveable movies like Tommy Boy. But there was one particular role that would’ve been most iconic for the late actor: the lovable green ogre known as Shrek.

Farley was not only attached to the DreamWorks feature, the role was primarily written for the comedian. According to Farley’s brother Kevin, the character initially “was a little bit more like Chris, like a humble, bumbling, innocent guy.” Although the actor recorded 80-90 percent of the dialogue before he died from an overdose in 1997, the role was re-cast with Farley’s SNL castmate Mike Myers.

A recently leaked video on Reddit featuring audio and illustrations with co-star Eddie Murphy (talking about the famous onion analogy) exhibits what might have been if Farley had been able to properly complete his work. Although the original video was uploaded two years ago on Vimeo, it’s just now making the rounds — and while Myers certainly made the character his own, it’s not hard to wonder what Farley could have done, given his great comedic skills.

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