Credit: Brent N. Clarke/Getty Images

The friendship between Watch What Happens Live host (and EW cover star) Andy Cohen and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper is fairly well-documented. The pair even have their own speaking tour, called AC2, that will begin again this October.

But what’s it like to have lunch with these two? Quite amusing actually. EW sat down for a meal with the old friends to talk about how they met and the time Anderson really embarrassed Andy.

EW: How did you guys first meet?

ANDY: We were set up on a blind date. We didn’t wind up going on the date.

ANDERSON: We had a phone call.

ANDY: I was too enthusiastic for him.

ANDERSON: I was at ABC at the time and I was on the phone to this guy in my little cubical at ABC.

ANDY: “This guy.”

ANDERSON: I was on the phone with Andy and he was a producer at CBS at that point. And I just imagined him gesticulating a lot while he was talking to me.

ANDY: That’s so rude.

ANDERSON: I was like, “We’re not going to go on a date.” So we never went on a date.

EW: How long ago was this?

ANDY: Early ’90s.

ANDERSON: He had big hair.

ANDY: And I thought the call went great and I was excited to go out with the young Vanderbilt boy!

ANDERSON: Oh, see, this is what I also sensed!

ANDY: Oh, you think I was after your money!

ANDERSON: No I’m kidding. I’m kidding.

ANDY: I thought it seemed like “I’m at CBS. You’re at ABC …”

ANDERSON: On paper it seemed to make sense.

ANDY: I have no regrets for how it worked out, trust me.

EW: Did you then go on a friend date?

ANDERSON: We had a lot of mutual friends in LA. So we started to see each other.

ANDY: We started traveling together with a group of friends who traveled together. Really the way we became friends is he and I have been around the world and back together. We’ve really been around the world together.

ANDERSON: 10 years ago, we were together in Croatia the week before Hurricane Katrina. This gives you a sense of why Andy is no longer in news. Should I tell this story?

ANDY: Sure.

ANDERSON: So we were together on a boat and I get this call saying, “Look, there’s this massive hurricane coming — you need to come back.” That’s fine. Pretty much every vacation we’ve ever been on I’ve left early because of some story popping up.

ANDY: He always has to leave early and I hate it. And we were having the best time!

ANDERSON: So I get this call saying this huge hurricane is coming so I said, “I gotta go.” And Andy’s like, “It’s no big deal! Don’t go! They’re using you!”

ANDY: “This is bulls—! CNN is using you! This is going to be nothing! You’re leaving for a tropical storm?! This is ridiculous!”

ANDERSON: And I was like, “No, I think this is something.”

ANDY: The nice thing about this tour is that it’s been a nice opportunity for us to put a weekend in the books once a month and go spend a weekend together!

ANDERSON: That’s true. But he’s at the pool all the time.

EW: Andy, it seemed like the one moment you got flustered on WWHL was when Anderson actually revealed your preferred sexual position?

ANDY: Yes. My mom goes, “No one needs to know that you’re a top!”

EW: Were you thrown off your game?

ANDY: Yes! But that is the danger of us doing these things together in public.

ANDERSON: But then you tweet out a picture on top of a pyramid of gay guys on some gay beach somewhere.

ANDY: That was cute!