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Updated August 05, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
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When Reign returns for its third season, the French court won’t be the only source of backstabbing, sexual tension, and all the drama that comes along with royalty. With the introduction of England’s Queen Elizabeth in the season 2 finale, showrunner Laurie McCarthy has said that season 3 will allow them to travel to the Elizabethan court. And with a new court comes new characters.

Of course, the first “guest” in the Elizabethan court is none other than Catherine de Medici herself. “There’s a guest at English court and that is Catherine de Medici,” McCarthy tells EW. “And that’s an interesting dynamic between those two women because much like Mary, Elizabeth is someone who really was never parented. And Catherine is good at being someone’s advocate and much like she was Francis’ advocate, she goes over there and she strikes up a very personal alliance with Elizabeth.”

Furthermore, McCarthy revealed that Tom Everett Scott has joined Reign as William, “a really trusted advisor/counselor” for Queen Elizabeth.

But William won’t be the only man at Elizabeth’s side. The show is also set to introduce Robert Dudley, whom McCarthy described as “a historical love interest for Elizabeth.” However, no historical love interest is complete without a third person to complete the triangle. “A wrinkle in the relationship between Elizabeth and her love interest Robert Dudley is his wife Amy, who seems very sweet but maybe isn’t so sweet,” McCarthy said. “She’s going to be a great fun rival for Elizabeth. She’s going to be such a thorn in her side. [Amy’s] a little nuts.”

And finally, there’s another love interest coming to the show. Back in France, Greer is still enjoying life as a madam when she will meet her latest boy toy — a pirate. All McCarthy would spill on him is that he’s “adorable,” “sexy,” and of course, “a bad boy.”

Reign returns Friday, Oct. 9 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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