Lexus continues to tease us all with the possibility of making our Back to the Future II dreams come true, and a new video of the board in action will either entertain you in the interim or make the wait much, much more difficult.

The new footage of the board in action showcases a group of skaters testing out the board, at first barely being able to stand on it, but eventually learning how to ride it. Not only that, they figure out how to grind and jump with the liquid-nitrogen fueled board. They even answer the question of whether the board will run, at least for a little while, on water.

The Lexus website explains how the board works, which may sadly temper your excitement. The board works thanks to tracks of magnets built into the custom skatepark Lexus designed for the video. So until the company figures out a way to let the public at large have access to everything necessary for the board, the video above will have to satisfy your hoverboarding appetite.

Back to the Future Part II
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