By Ian Goldstein
August 05, 2015 at 12:43 PM EDT

Jimmy Fallon isn’t known for his political jokes, but the Tonight Show host waded into those waters on Tuesday night, skewering the Republican presidential candidates in the lead-up to the party’s first debate. Fallon weighed the pros and cons of watching the debate, including this dig at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

“Pro: Fox News promises to keep the debate balanced,” Fallon said. “Con: Which is why they’re putting Chris Christie on one side of the stage and everyone else on the other.”

Fallon and announcer Steve Higgins both said how rude the joke was, until Higgins admitted he wrote it.

Christie has often been on the receiving end of Fallon’s digs, and it’s something the candidate brought up to the host during an interview back in April. After Fallon told Christie that he looked “great,” Christie replied, “If I look great, what the hell with all the jokes every night?”

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