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Don Rickles long ago cemented his status as a legendary comedian and late-night guest, thanks to his numerous appearances with Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, and David Letterman, all of whom he ridiculed with ease.

On Tuesday night, Rickles turned his biting jokes to the current iteration of The Tonight Show, taking shots at both host Jimmy Fallon and drummer Questlove.

“I love the drummer, really God bless you. I spoke to the barber convention. They need you badly,” Rickles joked. As is his custom, he then offered Questlove a compliment, before unleashing another dig. “You’re a hell of a musician, good luck to you,” Rickles said, before turning back to Fallon. “He’s not that good.”

At 89 years old Rickles is still as sharp and quick as he was when he would roast Carson over 40 years ago. Mr. Warmth commended Fallon for his impressions and for being “fresh and funny.” He also opened up to Fallon: “And I want you to know something, from my heart, I never liked you.”

The conversation shifted to Rickles advising Fallon on hosting and complimenting him on his finger. “That’s a great bit by the way … tomorrow night come out with your neck wrapped.”

Later, Rickles mocked Fallon’s reliance on celebrity impressions and then spoofed the host’s thank-you notes bit. When Fallon protested to how Rickles was portraying the popular sketch, the comic replied, “It’s the same crap.”

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