By Ian Goldstein
August 05, 2015 at 11:34 AM EDT
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Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Show included the last-ever appearance from Denis Leary, who used his final on-air moments with Jon Stewart to make a plea for the host to stay.

“I think I speak for everybody here, and the people who work for you obviously […] When we found out you were offered this big contract and basically turning it down to spend time with your family. It was a big contract. They said it was $50 million,” Leary said. Stewart joked that the Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll star was thinking of Dave Chappelle, but Leary continued anyway. “It was a lot of money. We all thought the same thing: This is a guy who’s very brave and courageous and wants to spend time with his family.”

“Aren’t you going to sh– on me?” Stewart interrupted. And then Leary did.

“What the f— is wrong with you? Do you know how much f—ing therapy you could buy for your kids with $50 million f—ing dollars?” Leary said. “They could hate your guts into perpetuity. Who cares? They have mansions to hate your guts in.”

Leary then offered Stewart his services to continue the show. “It’s not too late. We give Trevor [Noah] some other show. Me, Colin Quinn and Chris Rock will write this show for you, for $25 million of the $50 million.”

Despite the jokes, it was a largely sincere last appearance for Leary, a frequent guest on the show. He closed the interview by praising Stewart for his career and for making sure his employees at The Daily Show kept their jobs. The latter comment was so Leary could confirm he would still be on The Daily Show when Trevor Noah takes over in September.

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