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Microsoft is the only consolemaker hosting its own press conference at Gamescom. And while Nintendo and Microsoft decided to sit out the gaming convention in Germany this week, Microsoft used that opportunity to make plenty of big announcements and debut new details and footage from some of its biggest games coming later this year and in 2015.

In addition to a release date, a cast, and a new trailer for Remedy’s Qunatum Break, the conference included a number of major reveals for both hardware, like a controller chatpad and DVR capabilities, as well as software. Here are some of the biggest:

Halo Wars 2

In the earlier days of the Halo franchise, a real-time strategy spin-off debuted in the form of Halo Wars. While the game had its fans and was met with critical praise, there’s been little official talk of a follow-up… until now. A teaser trailer was unveiled during the press conference, with the promise of the game coming in fall 2016 to the Xbox One and Windows 10.

Crackdown 3

Revealed earlier this year at E3, Crackdown 3 looks to be giving fans of the franchise another, much prettier dosage of what they enjoyed about the first two Crackdown titles. Watch the trailer above for more on what to expect from the sequel’s gameplay. There’s still no firm release date, but the game is set to hit the Xbox One in 2016.


The Scalebound Gamescom trailer teases the game’s four player co-op mode, along with the game’s mix of third-person action and dragon-assisted combat. Unfortunately, your mileage may vary on the game’s protagonist, who looks to love a thumping techno bass supporting him in battle.

Killer Instinct

The Xbox One and Windows fighting game will be getting a third season, launching in March of 2016. But Microsoft also released a new character for the fighting game today — Rash from Battletoads. Polygon has a look at Rash in action.

Halo 5

Halo 5: Guardians is looking to amp up its multiplayer component with a big focus on eSports-friendly modes. Microsoft announced a Halo World Championship this winter with a $1 million prize pool. Watch the trailer for the championship above, as well as a new trailer for Halo 5‘s multiplayer below.

There were plenty of more gameplay reveals, trailers, and new games teased at the press conference. Watch it in full below.

Halo 5

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