And it's coming sooner than you think...
Credit: Brownine Harris, Jordin Althaus/Fox

It’s really happening—and sooner than you think.

Fox’s genre-busting Bones / Sleepy Hollow crossover is headed toward production and now a premiere date has been set.

Sources tell EW the back-to-back episodes will air Oct. 29 — so right around Halloween. That’s earlier than we expected as we were previously told the crossover wasn’t going to happen until midseason.

Now we don’t yet know if the episodes actually involve Halloween, as the storyline has not yet been revealed. We only know that on that particular Thursday night, the worlds of Ichabod Crane and Seeley Booth are going to collide across two hours.

Usually crossovers are done between very similar programs, often existing in the same storytelling universe — like among the NCIS or CSI franchises. Taking two very creatively different series and shuffling them together is an unusal move that has fans of both shows pretty curious. Near Halloween, Fox also usually airs a rule-busting episode of another series, The Simpsons, with their fan-favorite Treehouse of Horror.

Bones and Sleepy Hollow return—with their regular separate shows—on Thursday, Oct 1.