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Warner Bros. has found its newest fantasy film franchise, and it comes from one of the world’s most beloved role-playing games: Dungeons & Dragons.

Together with Hasbro, Warner Bros. revealed Monday that it already has a script prepped for the project from David Leslie Johnson, whose credits include Wrath of the Titans and The Conjuring 2. The studio also emphasized that this adaptation is being built with a full franchise in mind, meaning that Johnson’s script is likely only the tip of what Warner Bros. hopes to do with the series.

“[Dungeons & Dragons] has endless creative possibilities, giving our filmmakers immense opportunities to delight and thrill both fans and moviegoers new to the property,” Warner Bros.’ president of creative development and worldwide production Greg Silverman said.

Warner Bros. released no additional details about the plot of the film, though WB’s executive vice president and CCO of Hasbro, Stephen Davis, said that the film presents the chance “to bring the rich fantasy setting of the Forgotten Realms to life.” The Forgotten Realms is one of the many famous locations that have been built into D&D lore since the game’s inception in 1974. A D&D feature film was actually made in 2000, though the critical derided film only saw direct-to-DVD sequels.

The franchise fills a Hobbit-sized hole in WB’s line-up after The Lord of the Rings‘ second trilogy of films came to an end in 2014. The announcement of the film also marks the settlement of a complaint Wizards of the Coast made against Sweetpea Entertainment and Sweetpea BVI in regard to the D&D brand. Sweetpea Entertainment has producers on board for all future D&D film and TV productions while Wizards of the Coast retains the unified rights to the franchise.

No casting has been announced for the film, but Vin Diesel probably wouldn’t mind discussing a role.

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