Kanye West and Pharrell Williams give surprise performances at Toronto show

Credit: Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

Drake will not relent. During his set at OVO Fest Monday night, the Toronto rapper kept dissing his current foil Meek Mill, and subtlety and nuance played no part.

The tone was set earlier Monday when Drake was spied wearing a “Free Meek Mill” T-shirt before his set. (Fans may remember he wore the same shirt last year to support Meek, who was then in jail for violating probation.)

Drake then popped out on stage beginning with his first diss track directed at Meek Mill, “Charged Up.” The backdrop featured a projected image of people carrying a casket and words insulting Meek Mill.

The memes kept rolling, as did Drake’s second diss track, “Back to Back.”

Drake gave his two cents on Meek Mill’s diss response “Wanna Know” by handing out a participation certificate.

A mini Simpsons homage found its way up North.

Future and Sketpa made quick cameos, followed by Kanye West.

Then came a barb directed at labelmate Nicki Minaj, who is in a relationship with Meek Mill.

Drake also brought out Travis Scott, who was arrested Saturday and charged with disorderly conduct after encouraging fans to jump the security barrier during his Lollapalooza performance.

And then Pharrell Williams made his entrance to “Drop It Like It’s Hot”:

It seemed Drake decided to hold off on his third Meek Mill diss track, which had been expected to arrive Monday. But he did perform “Back to Back” a second time.

And where was Meek Mill while Drake was dissing him onstage? Apparently getting his teeth cleaned. “Gotta clean my teeth b4 I talk dirty,” he wrote on Instagram.