Credit: Ali Goldstein/Hulu

Difficult People is a comedian’s comedy. Executive-produced by Amy Poehler and Dave Becky (Louie), it was created by real-life funny person Julie Klausner, who stars with Billy Eichner (Billy on the Street) as they play fictionalized versions of themselves, alongside guests like Kate McKinnon and Rachel Dratch. “Julie” and “Billy” are two caustic New Yorkers who do stand-up about Katherine McPhee’s dogs, obsess over how much Twitter loves them (“Andy Richter fav’d me!”), and annoy everyone except each other. They might annoy you, too. They’re shrill, narcissistic, and a little too fond of punchlines about semi-obscure celebs. Whether you appreciate their humor will depend on whether you know what Julie’s talking about when she sighs, “I’ve just come to accept that it’s Charlyne Yi’s year.” But at a time when the world is overrun with Twitter-infatuated part-time comedians, this portrait of fame-thirsty New Yorkers is spot-on, and often very funny. They could be this generation’s Will and Grace. B+

Difficult People
2015 series
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