We’ve heard a lot of “Uptown Funk” renditions, from The Band Perry to Fall Out Boy to “He Who Must Not Be Named.” But this video of 280 movies cut together might be the coolest one yet.

One crafty YouTuber, who goes by the name DonDraperSaysWhat, spent three months carefully piecing together this video. Clicking on the closed captions will provide the names of all the movies he used under their respective scenes.

It was well worth the effort, particularly his use of Robert Downey Jr.’s “hot damn” from Tropic Thunder, Patrick Renna’s “come on” from The Sandlot, and Jack Nicholson talking about Michelle Pfeiffer in The Bucket List. There are also Napoleon Dynamite– and Back to the Future-infused dance breaks, which are rather enjoyable themselves.

Watch the four-and-a-half-minute video below.