Leonard Lasek was probably pulling an Are You There, God? moment when he inadvertently kicked his wife’s treasured Judy Blume book to the curb. Fortunately for his sake, and the sake of his marriage, the Almighty answered in the form of the author herself.

Lasek had placed his wife’s copy of Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret in a box on the street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and before he realized the gravity of the situation, someone had already picked it up. As Gothamist reported, he posted flyers around the neighborhood in an attempt to find it. “I accidentally gave this book away on Saturday July 25th in a box on the corner of Green & Franklin,” he wrote. “This book is extremely important to my wife. It was a keepsake from her mother and is irreplaceable. On the inside cover is a note that reads ‘Christmas 1991.’ If you happened to pick up this book can you please get in touch with me.”

While he didn’t hear back from whomever snatched it up, he did hear from Blume herself. The news of his retrieval attempt made enough rounds online that the beloved author responded on Twitter.

While she didn’t have Lasek’s mailing address or his wife’s name, his tweet eventually reached its destination. Lasek responded on Friday, and now Blume is on the case.