By Clark Collis
Updated July 31, 2015 at 03:51 PM EDT
Benji Bakshi

In the new horror film, Some Kind of Hate, a teenager played by Ronen Rubinstein is sent to a remote camp for troubled kids and gets even more than he bargained for — unless he bargained for a vengeance-seeking, undead killer named Moira (Sierra McCormick). Which (spoiler alert!) he did not.

Directed and cowritten by Adam Egypt Mortimer, this grungier take on the slasher genre also features McCormick’s fellow Disney Channel star Grace Phipps, filmmaker Michael Polish, and Noah Segan (Starry Eyes), whose mere presence in a horror film is a pretty reliable indicator that said horror film is worth checking out.

Some Kind of Hate has received strong word of mouth since it premiered at the Stanley Film Festival earlier this year and will debut in theaters and on VOD Sept. 18.

You can see the new trailer for Some Kind of Hate, below.