Credit: AwesomenessTV

It was only a matter of time before JennXPenn and ThatSoJack went on an adventure together and documented it. The pair has a new show, First Times with Jenn and Jack, on the way via AwesomenessTV, and EW has the exclusive first look at the trailer — and it all looks crazy.

Judging by the map in the clip, the duo start in their “bougie trailer” down in Long Beach, California, and make it at least as north as Central California’s Moaning Cavern, where each is freaked out. “Holy [expletive], this is so messed up!” Jenn McAllister screams after hearing a random noise.

McAllister teased the new series while talking at the Entertainment Weekly and People Interview Stage at last week’s VidCon. “We wanted to do some crazy stuff. We wanted to do some traveling, and we wanted to do something fun together,” she described First Times. “So we traveled around California and did the craziest things.”

This included skydiving — an experience that could have gone more smoothly with better assurances by the instructor.

“The [skydiving] guy was like, ‘If you can’t breathe, pretend like you’re breathing through a straw. Just start screaming if you can’t breathe,’ ” she revealed. (That doesn’t sound terrifying at all!)

Watch the full trailer below. The series debuts Aug. 8 and will air Saturdays on ATV.